GS ENERGIA – English.

Who we are.

Our team got together in 2009 to help other enterprises and institutions in achieving their goals related to an efficient reduction of costs for power utilities, switching or improving to an effective energy management system whilst respecting current regulations and implementing innovative energy technologies.

Passion connects us.

Since our school days, our interests were related to systems and technologies, which would effectively save energy in relation with the omnipresent, still energy-intensive infrastructure and solutions that were designed in times when energy was several times cheaper than today.
For over a decade our solutions and services have been used by over 200 heading companies from around the country, bringing an estimated value of PLN 700 million in savings.
The vast majority of our clients continue to work with and recommend us to others, which gives us the satisfaction of a job well done.

Main areas of activity.

  • Comprehensive energy auditing in enterprises
  • Evaluation of the energy efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems /and operating service
  • Telemetry and energy management systems
  • Cogeneration and Trigeneration
  • Energy management and energy outsourcing
  • Formal and financial investment service
  • Installations of renewable energy sources
  • Low energy consuming and passive building
  • Implementation of innovative energy solutions
  • Measurements and technical expertise
  • Renewable Energy
  • Hydrogen Technologies

GS ENERGIA consists of specialists who permanently cooperate with, among others; AGH University of Science and Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, and energy auditors certified by the National Energy Conservation Agency, scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences, certified installers, to professionally- ANALYZE, DESIGN, TRAIN, FINANCE and IMPLEMENT modern energy solutions for our clients.

Our services are aimed at three main recipients:

Solutions for the industry
Solutions for the industry
Solutions for general construction
Solutions for general construction
Solutions for single-family houses
Solutions for single-family houses

Our Offer.

Enterprise Energy Audit

Energy Efficiency Audit

Energy Funding Assistance

Evaluation of the Energy Efficiencyof Boilers

Energy Performance Certificates

Cogeneration AuditFinancing, Implementation

Evaluation of the Energy Efficiencyof Air Conditioning


Hydrogen Technologies

TelemetryIntelligent Energy Management and Monitoring

Energetic Lighting Audit

Comprehensive Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Facilities

Renewable Energy SourcesDesign and Assembly

Optimization of Sales and Distribution of Electricity, Gas

ServiceBoiler Rooms, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Automation

Thermal Imaging Checkup

Intelligent Building - Automation

Feasibility Study Applications for Co-Financing

Designed Energy Characteristics

Plans for Low-Emission Economy

Project Related to the Planfor the Supply of Heat, Electric Energy and Gaseous Fuels


Acquiring Financing for Investments

Technical Project

Diagnostics and Serviceof Reactive Power Compensation

Modernization of Measuring Systems

Visualization of Consumption Profiles

Energy management strategies

Feasibility Study Applications for Co-Financing

Transformer stations and power installations services

Energy measurement services

The Mission.

Offering proven, tailored solutions and products valued by customers, that allow you to generate financial and time savings, and that put you on the path of effective energy management.

The Vision.

A leading domestic service company as a permanent energy manager of enterprises in terms of generated savings and implementation of energy innovation.

Our clients.